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How can I run Psychtoolbox experiences on Ipad?

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I would like to run my programs created on Matlab with Psychtoolbox on my Ipad. It can be a very good way to collect data for my research project in neurosciences.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Sep 2015
It is probably not possible at this time. Although you can use MATLAB Coder to generate code that you can compile on iPAD, there are a lot of parts of MATLAB that you cannot generate code for. The third party toolbox you are interested in was not designed for compiling, and if I understand correctly relies a lot on third-party drivers in order to achieve the I/O rates that it does; you would have to find similar drivers for iPAD for the portions you need.

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Natasa on 22 Jul 2021
Hi! Have there been any changes since 2015? I would also be interested in running a couple of experiments I programmed in MATLAB and Psychtoolbox on an iPad. Thank you!
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Jul 2021
No, and I see hints that it might never be possible.
My thought was that now that iOS and Apple M1 are somewhat compatible, and with MATLAB being available on Apple M1, that availability for M1 would be a proxy for iPad: if everything had been hypothetically been worked out for M1 then similar approaches would potentially be useful for iPad.
Instead, I find the developers being sharply critical of the possibilities on the M1. I think a number of the points are applicable to the iPad as well.
I would add to this that if I recall correctly, OpenGL was never available for iPad. Also, Apple dropped official support for OpenGL before the M1.

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