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How to temporarily read the image files ?

Asked by Ahsan Abbas on 15 Apr 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Ahsan Abbas on 27 Apr 2016
Hello Guys... I have 20 images that is stored in variable "imageData", each image has 10Mb size (6000 x 4000) that consume lot of memory, MATLAB always struck whenever i run process on images. I want to pick 2 images at a time from the folder process them and then loose the memory for next images and similar for others. Can some one help me to solve the problem ?


What part of it are you having difficulty with? I assume you loaded the 20 images from file in the first place so just load 2 instead of 20, then do the same again. I'm not sure I understand where the problem lies.
If they weren't originally from file save them to a mat file.
doc matfile
does actually allow you to work with large data sets from file as though they were in memory (though a little slower, of course, especially depending which direction you index into the data). Or just a series of individual .mat files for each image.
Ya my problem is solved.

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