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prevent matlab from triggering alarm sounds in windows 10

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Dave le 1 Août 2016
Déplacé(e) : Rik le 24 Fév 2023
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now whenever I run MATLAB from the command line it triggers the windows alert sounds whenever I scroll too far down previous commands or mistype a command. This is extremely frustrating and the only solution I have seen so far is turn off system sounds. Is it possible to disable this from the MATLAB end?
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Ben J
Ben J le 23 Fév 2023
please for the love of god i need this

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Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro le 24 Fév 2023
Déplacé(e) : Rik le 24 Fév 2023
i will be that guy... i just tried the:
beep off
and it works in matlab R2022a.
Otherwise i have look at some past discussions in the community and nothing else seems to work cleanly

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