Helo with image resize when zooming in

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Brian on 18 Aug 2016
Hello, thanks for looking at this,
I was hoping to get some advice with a problem I have: when I try to set the cdata of a new image I plotted with imshow, the image appears to be in a corner, small and not using the full extent of the axes position. I have uploaded a gif of what happens. Sorry for the slower gif
The positions of the axes doesn't change, but as I look at it I find some unusual things happening. I have some axes in a UI I made, and the positions I set using normalized coordinates. The position I set manually, and when it plots, I got an unusual outerposition (negative x and y, with a width and height outside the bounds of the screen). Is this normal? Even when I imshow the original image, the image isn't plotted over the original axes's entire extent of its position, but it's never this bad.
I'm not sure why it does this, can anyone give me some advice?

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