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Clarification regarding text in figure

Asked by Pankaj
on 18 Oct 2016
Latest activity Commented on by dpb
on 19 Oct 2016
Accepted Answer by dpb
I have a quick question:
I was trying to get text on a figure, kindly consider the following:
t = linspace(0,2*pi,50);
y = sin(t);
Following works fine
text(2, 0, '$\theta$', 'interpreter','latex','Position', [0.1 0.8], 'Units', 'normalized' );
But not this
text('$\theta$', 'interpreter','latex','Position', [0.1 0.8], 'Units', 'normalized' );
Why? Can someone please explain.


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1 Answer

Answer by dpb
on 18 Oct 2016
 Accepted Answer

>> help text
text Text annotation.
text(X,Y,'string') adds the text in the quotes to location (X,Y)...
Note the X,Y inputs are not documented as optional


Thanks dpb for the reply, I could figure it out.
X and Y were provided with 'Position' property, I was missing 'String' as argument. Just add 'String' to the command.
text('String','$\theta$', 'interpreter','latex','Position', [0.1 0.8], 'Units', 'normalized' );
That works.
Screenshot form Text Properties help.
on 19 Oct 2016
Yes, but the first didn't supply all properties via the named parameters in which case the X,Y implied position values must be provided.
While the above form is allowable, what's the point? It's bulkier and more error-prone as you've demonstrated than the shorthand version with only additional parameters that aren't default needing supplied...

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