How can I permute axes of a figure after the figure is created?

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Lucas-Raphael Müller
Lucas-Raphael Müller le 10 Jan 2017
I know I could do like
A = permute(A, [1 3 2]);
however the problem is, that the figure is produced dynamically and it would save me much effort to have something like:
get the handle of the current figure (and children)
extract x and y axes
permute them.
Thanks in advance

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross le 13 Jan 2017
You can get the X and Y data of the Image by doing the following:
>> A
A =
1 2
3 4
>> image(A)
>> h = image(A);
>> h.XData
ans =
1 2
>> h.YData
ans =
1 2
Once you have the new X and Y data for the axes, you update the image by doing the following:
h.XData = [2 1];
h.YData = [2 1];
However, please not that this is for MATLAB R2014b and later. You can also use the "get" and "set" functions as shown in the following documentation pages:


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