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License for Matlab libraries like libmat

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Janos Buttgereit
Janos Buttgereit le 19 Juil 2017
Réponse apportée : Jan le 19 Juil 2017
I'm working on an university project. We developed an algorithm in MATLAB and now we are implementing it in C++ code which is hosted open source on github. To check if the C++ code generates correct results, it would be great to send matrices with MATLAB-generated test-data to the software and read back results computed by the software.
Probably, the most straightforward solution would be to read and write .mat files and write a simple C++ wrapper around the mat C-API, provided by MATLAB. However, our goal is, that everyone should be able to clone our git repo and then will be able to compile the code with no additional local dependencies needed.
So my question basically is: Do the MATLAB terms of license allow me, to copy the needed library & header files for .mat access to the git repo and publish it public? Or is the only possibility, that the user who wants to compile our software has a local MATLAB installation containing these files in order to compile an application that can read- and write .mat files?
If this would be problematic, is there any other possibility (some open source .mat library for an example) for implementing .mat-file read/write support in my application without any dependency on files contained in the local MATLAB installation?

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Jan le 19 Juil 2017
This is a public forum supported mainly by voluntary Matlab users. You need a bullet-proof answer about a legal question. Then contact MathWorks directly using the "Contact Us" button on this page. Ask for a written confirmation that your strategy is accepted, or for a workaround.


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