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How do I reset legoev3 connection type?

Asked by Shawn Bauer on 28 Jul 2017
Latest activity Edited by Saurabh Gupta on 1 Aug 2017
legoev3 with properties:
FirmwareVersion: 'V1.09H'
HardwareID: '00165343712A'
IPAddress: []
CommunicationType: 'Bluetooth'
BatteryLevel: 100
ConnectedSensors: {'' '' 'touch' ''}
>> legoev3 Error using legoev3 (line 307) Failed to connect to EV3 through USB. Please check your USB connection.
The first time I connected the EV3 brick was via USB, MATLAB recognizes that there is a Bluetooth connection but I am unable to reset this to get the legoev3 program/.m file to acknowledge the new connection type.


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1 Answer

Answer by Saurabh Gupta on 1 Aug 2017

The 'legoev3' command has options to specify the connection type (refer to following link for example). When used without any options, it "uses the same settings as the previous connection."


Unfortunately I tried this several unsuccessful times which lead me to post my question. Thank you though.
What OS are you on - is it a Mac? Let me know the exact version along with the OS. And what MATLAB release are you using?
Also, have you tried the troubleshooting steps at the following documentation link?

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