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How can i save Matrix with rows depend on the loop?

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Ioannis Tsikriteas
Ioannis Tsikriteas on 27 Aug 2017
I have the following loop :
_for k = 1 : length(theFiles)
baseFileName = theFiles(k).name;
fullFileName = fullfile(myFolder, baseFileName);
fprintf(1, 'Now reading %s\n', fullFileName);
x = readtable(fullFileName);
idx=not(x.x_________SCADA_________________==['ΣΤΡΑΤΟΣ 2']);
The loop returns the table x with only one row and 26 collums at each k. I want this row to save it into a second table ,called y, along with all the other results of the loop at the row number y(k,:) which depends from the k that is running each time!
Is this possible?


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