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How to approximate polynomial?

Asked by pravin behera on 15 Dec 2017
Latest activity Commented on by pravin behera on 15 Dec 2017
P =((8700286382685963*x1)/9007199254740992 - (4662469420320393*x2)/18014398509481984)^2 + ((2331234710160197*x1)/9007199254740992 - (8700286382685971*x2)/9007199254740992)^2
I have a polynomial P, i want to get an expression in which this expression is approximated to 2 digits after decimal.


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1 Answer

Answer by Birdman
on 15 Dec 2017
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it works for polynomials, but for matrix polynomials it doesnt. Is there any simple way ?
I do not know. You may open a new question about it in forum.
thanks.. your answer helped a lot

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