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Does the PowerGui Block, in case of choosing the continuous solver method, solely use a variable-step Simulink solver even if my configuration for the global simulink solver is a fixed-step type?

Asked by Christian on 15 Jan 2018
Latest activity Edited by Christian on 25 Jan 2018
The question is referring to the following statement which is mentioned in the documentation for the PowerGui Block: "Continuous, which uses a variable-step solver from Simulink®"
My Model Configuration and Topology:
Global simulink solver: fixed-step ode14x
Two Model parts using one PowerGui Block each:
  • Discrete Referenced Model with fixed time step local Tustin/Backward Euler solver
  • Continuous Subsystem which uses (and this is the question
The Referenced Model and the subsystem exchange simulink signals and collectively represent the parent model.
Thanks in advance! Kind regards. Christian


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Hi Christian,
From the link below, it is recommended that you implement fixed-step solvers by continuing to use a global variable-step solver and switching the physical networks within your model to local fixed-step solvers through each network.

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Hi Emmanouil,
thank you for your response! Plain and simple, I guess i was unaware of the solver configuration block.. Well, again thank you for the hint!
I will configure my continuous subsystem as fixed-step continuous now and set the global simulink solver to a variable-step type, while keeping a discrete fixed-step solver for the referenced model.
Cheers to the Staff.
Have a nice Day!
EDIT: While investigating the use of the solver configuration is must say i should have mentioned that i dont use any blocks from the simscape library. There are only physical blocks from simpowersystems (powerlib) library in my model. The use of the solver configuration block is therefore not possible with my model topology i guess.

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