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hey Every body i have this problem i want to set up a PIL simulation on STM32F4 discovery board and i got this problem please if you would help me

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yahya abdelkadouss sahri
yahya abdelkadouss sahri on 21 Apr 2018
### Starting build procedure for model: stm32f4discovery_pil_block Code Generation 1 Elapsed: 0.320 sec ### Connectivity configuration for "C:\Users\asus\Desktop\Nouveau dossier (2)\SIL\Controller_ert_rtw": STM32F4-Discovery (ST-LINK) ### ### Build procedure for model: 'stm32f4discovery_pil_block' aborted due to an error. The generated code for the SIL or PIL component is incomplete. To fix this error, investigate all reported causes of this error and generate code again. Caused by: Build folder C:\Users\asus\Desktop\Nouveau dossier (2)\SIL\Controller_ert_rtw appears invalid. Please try rebuilding the model.

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