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function [CM KG]=STtosi(In,Ib) It is not working

Asked by Almas Adil on 9 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Almas Adil on 9 Jun 2018
i have built a function to convert Ib to kg and in to cm. but it is not working my code function [CM KG]=STtosi(In,Ib) CM=(100*convlength([In],'in','m')) KG=convmass([Ib],'lbm','kg') end


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1 Answer

Answer by Birdman
on 9 Jun 2018
Edited by Birdman
on 9 Jun 2018
 Accepted Answer

Since you did not mention why the function is not working, it may have two reasons:
- Firstly, you need to save your function with its function name in your current directory and then call from command line like
[CM,KG]=STtosi(1,2) %inputs are random
and the above one worked for me.
-To be able to use convmass and convlength, you need to have Aerospace Toolbox license. If you do not have, please check it.
Hope this helps.


thanks for your rply. i am getting this type of error when running myfun Error using myfun (line 2) Not enough input arguments.
and convmass and convlength are wroking without defining function.

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