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How to delete contents of matrix only if it has 2 elements?

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Asher Zaidi
Asher Zaidi le 11 Juin 2018
Commenté : Asher Zaidi le 11 Juin 2018
If p = [55;56], and I want to set it to one value (ex. p = 55), how can I write an "if" statement that does this using elements? As of now, I can only do it with this specific condition, but I would like to write "if p has more than one element, then set p equal to the first element." Code:
if p == [55;56]
p(2) =[]

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Matt J
Matt J le 11 Juin 2018
Modifié(e) : Matt J le 11 Juin 2018
No need for an if-statement. Just do,

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