How can I multiply each element of a polynomial with different coefficients??

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Lts say I have a function in s domain, using iLaplace code at end I have an inverse laplace at the form of: exp(t)+exp(-2t)+t+5 How can I make this polynomial to be like c1*exp(t)+c2*exp(-2t)+c3*t+5*c4*??
sara hosseini
sara hosseini on 19 Jun 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 19 Jun 2018
this is my function in "s" domain:
taking ilaplace of this function gives:
now I want to multiply each element of this function with a coefficinet c1,c2,c3,c4 that I have :

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Sayyed Ahmad
Sayyed Ahmad on 19 Jun 2018
if your c1 to cn are also arrays with the same dimension as t-series




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