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convert mat file to jpg

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khaled alsaih
khaled alsaih le 3 Juil 2018
Commenté : khaled alsaih le 3 Juil 2018
hello guys i have mat files with the size of 512*1024*128 where 128 is the number of images and 512*1024 is the size of the image all i am trying to do is to convert these images to ipg or png files with order so the first image is 1.png and the second image is 2.png till 128.png
thanks for your assist

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 3 Juil 2018
A slight adaptation of the FAQ to extract your images from your 3-D array
imageArray = array3d(:, :, k);
rather than calling imread()
imageArray = imread(fullFileName);
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khaled alsaih
khaled alsaih le 3 Juil 2018
i couldnt get it brother , the names in my file is different not mat1 or mat 2 ,,, they are darios_219.mat , chetos_317.mat each mat file has the size of 512*1024*128 and inside each mat file name is image_sequence , i just want to convert to png or jpg no text file
khaled alsaih
khaled alsaih le 3 Juil 2018
thanks i got it

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