Count the appearances of each value per bin within a vector of 144 bins.

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I have a vector of 21600 values between [-3;2]. I want to divide this vector in 150-value bins and count how many times each value occurs within each bin.
Ideally I would get a matrix 144*6, with columns representing the bins and rows showing the number of occurrences of the values (-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2) within the each bin. I tried to use histcounts and bincounts, and other similar scripts of MATLAB Community, but I wasn't successful. Thanks a lot!

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Guillaume on 20 Jul 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 20 Jul 2018
A method without a loop:
%demo data:
v = randi([-3 2], 1, 21600);
binsize = 150;
assert(mod(numel(v), binsize) == 0, 'number of elements not divisible by binsize')
destrow = repelem(1:numel(v)/binsize, binsize);
result = accumarray([destrow', v' + 4], 1) %v' + 4 gives the destination column for values -3 to 2
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Carlos Goncalves Moreira
Carlos Goncalves Moreira on 20 Jul 2018
Thank you very much, it works great! My next step would be adapting the script to any initial vector size, but your input makes that job already! Thanks again.

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Rik on 20 Jul 2018
So you want to split your original vector into 144 vectors, and then get the histcounts of each vector?
data=randi([-3 2],216000,1);
for n=1:144

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