MATLAB function faces issue when running it with large number of variables in workspace

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Hello! I am using symbolic toolbox for computation. At the time of execution of the MATLAB script, the workspace is heavily loaded(90 MB) due to long list of variables involved in the computation. So when I try to run the script in the first attempt, the script runs fine and stops at the error encountered at the later lines of the code(I am also debugging)(at k= 12 which I debugged now) . However, when I am trying to run the script again after fixing the bug, it shows error in the initial lines (at k=3) which it had run successfully in the first run. Is this an issue of the heavily loaded workspace? and how can I get around it?
Also, I have tried running the initial lines of the script separately in a parallel computation window of MATLAB and it works fine.
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Guillaume on 27 Jul 2018
90 MB doesn't sound like much.
it shows error. You don't show us the code and don't tell us what the error is. That's not much to go on. Give us the full text of the error message. Everything in red. And attaching your script would also be useful.

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