Can I add a new license to any version of MATLAB?

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lp18692 on 15 Aug 2018
Commented: Rik on 15 Aug 2018
Hi, R2017a is installed on my work laptop and use my institute's license server. However, I am now considering buying a personal license for use at home, as Matlab will stall and give warnings when not connected to the license server and connecting via VPN is not practical for me. My question is: If I buy an additional license for the newest version, will I be able to simply log in on my installed Matlab without any additional changes/updates that require admin privileges? I tried contacting Matlab Support directly with this question but got no answer. Thank you!

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Rik on 15 Aug 2018
The only way to know for sure is to wait for the official answer from support, but speaking from my own experience (with a Student license), you can indeed install/activate older releases. If you want a release from several years back, you can't all of them, and the oldest you're allowed to use is from 10 years ago.
If I understood correctly, you'll have more options if you have e.g. a Home license.
It is possible that deactivation/activation require admin privileges.

Tiasa Ghosh
Tiasa Ghosh on 15 Aug 2018
Hello! Although I am no expert, I can tell from my own experience. Everytime you I have uninstalled and reinstalled MATLAB on same device, it requires license number at the beginning. so I guess if you plan to discontinue using your institute's license, you will have to deactivate the current MATLAB from your device and reinstall with the new license. Hope this helps. :)
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Rik on 15 Aug 2018
I believe it will automatically de-activate the old license if you provide a new one.

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