How to change the interior of the drive in "SimPowerSystems"

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Is there any explanation how software engineers at matlab constructed this function block? I know how most of the motors function in general, but still I don't quite understand some steps of modelisation in the mask of a block. I think I need to to diable the link and change the inside.

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Cesar Antonio Lopez Segura
Hi Sardor,
If you want to change a power system block the firs step should be to do a look under mask:
After you should disable the library link and change the model. Finally is recommended to save with different name to avoid Simulink powersys library errors.
Cesar Antonio Lopez Segura
Hi I think that you are looking for the state of the art of this block.
The upper website shows at the end the reference of the block.
In this case you are lucky because it is very well known book that you can find on internet.
Here the reference
[1] Analysis of Electric Machinery, Krause et al., pp. 89–92.

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