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Developt matlab to website ??

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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 7 Dec 2018
Commented: Oman Wisni on 22 Jan 2019
Hi, I have finished testing the data, I want to display the results through the website, but the results I want to display are the following schemes:
image input (web) -> processing in matlab -> output (web).
My answer is, what should I do for it? Which one code should I package? from preprocessing image and code for testing ?
please help me, thank you


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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 8 Dec 2018
thanks for the answer sir, but I still can't figure out about this. what is Octave? please explain more detail sir
Rik on 8 Dec 2018
GNU Octave is a program with mostly Matlab compatible syntax. For simple projects you can use them interchangeably.
I can imagine it would be a little bit easier to integrate Octave into your website than Matlab would be. I don't have the experience to give you more details about how to do that integration.
A last note: as this website is maintained by Mathworks, it is discouraged to ask questions that only apply to Octave. It is fine if your question is directly applicable to Matlab as well.
Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 8 Dec 2018
Thank you sir, I'm trying and finding a way to make it.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Dec 2018
If you're using release R2018a or later you could use a web app.

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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 22 Jan 2019
Thank you for all answers from this forum .
I did it, what I want, I got it.
Image input(web)-> processing(matlab)-> information&output image(web).
is Done.. Thank you:)

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