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Hello, i want to display separate (side by side) bar on one graph. below is my code but its display bars on single column. and image what i should do?

Asked by khalil ur Rehman on 12 Jan 2019
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on 13 Jan 2019
Accepted Answer by dpb
clear all;
hold on;
Rank_N = [15678 10987 15243 3467 1234]; % New Values After Implementation
C1 = categorical ({'Google','Bing','Alxa','Yahoo Directory','DMOZ',});
h1 = bar (C1,Rank_N,'b','barwidth',0.3);
Rank_O = [1111 3456 13456 3345 1038]; % Old Values Before Implementation
C2 = categorical ({'Google','Bing','Alxa','Yahoo Directory','DMOZ',});
h2 = bar (C2,Rank_O,'r','barwidth',0.3);
xlabel('Search Engines');
ylabel('Link Rank');
title('Site Link Rank on Different Search Engines');
legend ('New Values', 'Old Values');
legend ('Location','northeast');
legend ('boxoff');rank.jpg


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1 Answer

Answer by dpb
on 12 Jan 2019
Edited by dpb
on 12 Jan 2019
 Accepted Answer

Rank = [15678 10987 15243 3467 1234;
1111 3456 13456 3345 1038].';
C = categorical ({'Google','Bing','Alxa','Yahoo Directory','DMOZ',});
See doc bar for details on various types of bar graphs and the data orientation for grouped vis a vis stacked, etc., ...


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Ah, shoot! I misremembered the proper orientation by recollection instead of checking need the categories by row; the cases by column -- transpose the Rank array. Oh, and BTW, remove the color argument or both variables will be the same color.
I updated Answer...but I'll note reading the doc clearly and looking at the examples would have explained the problem... :)
Thanks its working. how i can change the color of both bars?
Use .FaceColor property of each bar handle...follow the documentation to the "OutputArguments" section and then the link to "Bar Properties"
Each of the two groups of bars is a bar object; there are two handles returned in your case so you'll have to set each of those individually or use the set notation with cell arrays to do as a group.
Named arguments in the bar argument list are expanded to apply to each bar object so they affect global properties of the plot, not the pieces thereof individually.

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