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Lego NXT HiTechnic gyro sensor with EV3 brick detected as sound sensor

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Herbert Elisadebe
Herbert Elisadebe on 10 Feb 2019
Edited: Herbert Elisadebe on 10 Feb 2019
I connected EV3 brick to my robot mainly constructed with NXT elements. I can control NXT motors well, but problem appears when I try to read data from HiTechnic gyro sensors - those sensors are recognized as sound sensors! Command legoev3 returns following output:
FirmwareVersion: 'V1.08H'
HardwareID: []
IPAddress: []
CommunicationType: 'USB'
BatteryLevel: 100
ConnectedSensors: {'NXT_SOUND' 'NXT_SOUND' '' ''}
Command gyroSensor does not detect any gyro. I created simple model in Simulink using EV3 support package to test gyro, but result on LCD display is 0. Moreover, in Port View on EV3 brick's user interface measurements from connected gyro sensors are present, but are displayed as sound value in dB. As far as I know EV3 software and hardware works well with its NXT analogues, so what could gone wrong?


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