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sine wave shifted 90 degree

Asked by Saif Zahran on 27 Feb 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Rena Berman on 5 Mar 2019
Dear all,
i have sine wave with amplitude and frequency, and i want to shiftted by 90 degree to get the value of Beta. can anyone help me to do this.
i want the output to look as the above figure using single sine wave.


Discrete or continuous?
It would probably be easier to take a copy of the input to the sine generator, add 90 degrees to that, run that through the sine generator, andtake that output as Beta. That would work for both continuous and discrete.
If it were discrete then you could have worked with methods such as memory blocks, but since it is continuous you cannot, so I recommend the approach I described earlier, of adding a phase before you take the sine.
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1 Answer

Answer by Honglei Chen
on 27 Feb 2019

If it's really just a sine wave, you can consider hook it up with a integrator.


how ?
Be careful with the initial condition. You cannot just compute it based upon the initial sin() result, as just looking at the sin() output does not tell you where you are in the cycle.

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