Calculating an area under a curve

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Rengin on 13 Mar 2019
Commented: Torsten on 13 Mar 2019
% Dear users,
% Is there any way to calculate an area under a curve as in the figure?
% It would really appreciate if you can help me.
% Thanks in advance!
Area Calculation Matlab.jpg
Torsten on 13 Mar 2019
The formula is gives an approximation for
integral_{t=0.2}^{t=t(end)} u(t) dt.
It seems that you want the area start at u=0.2.
Then subtract the area of the rectangle between u=0 and u=0.2 for 0.2 <= t <= t(end), i.e.
area = trapz(tp,up) - (tp(end)-0.2)*0.2

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