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Find the highest value of y for each x value

Asked by Yaser Khojah on 27 Apr 2019
Latest activity Edited by Yaser Khojah on 29 Apr 2019
Can anyone please help me with this quesiton. I have a big matrix where I’m only interested to plot the highest value of y for each x value. My x-axis ranges between 0 and 45 and I want the highest values for each one. So, I created the following code but I’m not happy with it. I also attached my data. Thank you for your time.
x = MaT_All(:,18);
y = MaT_All(:,17)
edges = 200; % I used a number as 200 since I could not find the indexs of 0:45 in the original data (x)
Group = discretizediscretize(x ,edges); %
Result_y = accumarray(Group, y , [], @max); % I got the highest values (y) but not sure how to find the corresponding value in x
scatter(Result_x ,Result_y) % how can i find Result_x
I also tried this code
[G,TID] = findgroups(x);
Max_NPV = splitapply(@max,y),G);

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What do you mean by "not happy with it"?

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 27 Apr 2019

How about (untested):
ux = unique(x)
hold on;
for k = 1 : length(ux) % For each unique x...
% Find the max y for this x value.
maxY = max(y == ux(k));
% Plot that point.
plot(ux(k), maxY, 'b.', 'MarkerSize', 10);
grid on;

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thanks fo your help but that does not give me what i'm looking for. I have this code but i still do not know how to find the index of the ymax?
x = round(MaT_All(:,18),0);
y = MaT_All(:,17);
[uv,~,idx] = unique(x);
ymax = accumarray(idx,y,[],@max); %build matrix
[uv ymax];

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