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Nikolaos Zafirakis
Nikolaos Zafirakis on 30 Apr 2019
Commented: Stephan on 30 Apr 2019
F is giving me the same measurements and I can’t seem to find how to move to the next position.
A = (:,:,1) % There are 100 A symmetric matrix
for i = 1:100A
F(i) = atan(-(A(3,1)/A(3,2))) % Second A should be position (A(3,4).....

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Stephan on 30 Apr 2019
Edited: Stephan on 30 Apr 2019
it is not recommended to use i - since i is reserved for complex numbers. Perhaps use k or n or ii instead. I decided to use ii:
The idea is to work with the counter variable ii in this context. That means you have to find a way to express the steps of the loop by your counter variable. For example:
for ii = 1:99
F(ii) = atan(-(A(3,ii)/A(3,ii+1)))
would make the pairs:
ii = 1 --> A(3,1) / A(3,2)
ii = 2 --> A(3,2) / A(3,3)
ii = 3 --> A(3,3) / A(3,4)
ii = 99 --> A(3,99 / A(3,100)
I leave it to you to find an expression that counts the way you need it.
Best regards
Stephan on 30 Apr 2019
I agree - we would need a example to be sure understanding you correctly

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