Random Lat lon in a radious

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Rakibul Islam Rony
Rakibul Islam Rony on 3 May 2019
Edited: Rakibul Islam Rony on 3 May 2019
Hi Everyone, i need your help :(
I am trying to generate some random lat lon within a radious, say 200m from a given lat lon. I have geolocations in degrees, which i coverted to radian to calculate the distance.
I am trying the below code, but it is not giving correct answers.
R = 0.2 ; % radius of circle
xUE0=35.3333888900000*pi/180 %radin
H_lat = xUE0
H_lon = yUE0
earthRadiusKm = 6371;
%calculating distance
plot (xUE,yUE )
d_lat = xUE-H_lat ;
d_lon = yUE-H_lon ;
a = (sin (d_lat/2))^2 + (sin(d_lon/2))^2 * cos (H_lat)*cos(xUE);
c = 2*atan2( sqrt(a), sqrt(1-a) ) ;
d = earthRadiusKm * c ;
H_distance = d*1000 ;
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Rik on 3 May 2019
This time I edited your question for you. Next time, please use the tools explained on this page to make your question more readable.

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