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'uigetdir' command is not working in MATLAB 6.1

Asked by Venkatapathi on 30 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Venkatapathi on 3 Jun 2019
Hi All,
i am developing a gui in MATLAB 6.1.
i would like to select a directory, whereas 'uigetdir' command is not working in MATLAB 6.1
requesting your help to know how to select a directory in MATLAB 6.1
Note: i cant move out of MATLAB 6.1 due to some constraints.


Define "not working".
Does it throw an error? If so what is the full and exact text of the error message (everything displayed in red?)
Does it issue a warning? If so what is the full and exact text of the warning message (everything displayed in orange?)
Does it give you a different result than you expected? If so, please explain in more detail the result you received and the result you expected.
Hello Steven Lord,
it thrown an error saying "Undefined function or variable 'uigetdir'".
it doesnt prefixed either error or warning. just said "Undefined function or variable uigetdir"

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 31 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

uigetdir() was added in MATLAB 6.5 .


Thanks Walter...could you help me on how to use this dll?
Make sure the .m and the dll are both on your MATLAB path. Then just call the function with appropriate parameters:
%UIGETFOLDER Standard Windows browse for folder dialog box.
% folder = uigetfolder(title, initial_path)
% Output: folder = selected folder (empty string if dialog cancelled)
% Inputs: title = title string (OPTIONAL)
% initial_path = initial path (OPTIONAL, defaults to PWD)
% Examples: folder = uigetfolder - default title and initial path
% folder = uigetfolder('Select results folder') - default initial path
% folder = uigetfolder([], 'C:\Program Files') - default title
Hi is working..
thnak you so much

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