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PNSR formula psnr=20.0* (log10(255/sqrt(mse)));

Asked by Faizullah khan on 30 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Murugan C on 3 Jun 2019
Can we type the formula like this: psnr=20.0* (log10(1/sqrt(mse)));
I mean can we write 1 intstead of 255.
Plz explain.


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Answer by Murugan C on 31 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

Hi Faizullah
We can use 1 instead of 255, if your input image is logical (max pixel range is 1 ) or your image is uint8 then you should use maximum of image pixel range is 255.


Thank you Sir my input image is Lena.tif and I want to calculate psnr by using weighted median filter.When I am using 255 in psnr formula it give me very high value.But when I use 1 in psnr formula it give me normal value. So I think 1 will be OK.Comment plz..
Plz Explain that for weighted median filter 1 will be ok or 255?. Image is lena.tif.
Thanks & Regards
PSNR shoud be more than 100. Please find max value from your output image and use it as below
psnr= 10.0* (log10((max(max(output_img))/sqrt(mse)));

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