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How to save the new data in many text files?

Asked by hanif hamden on 17 Jun 2019
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on 17 Jun 2019
Can anyone help me.. I have 3 files as attached. I rearranged the data and I want to save it into 3 files again. Can anyone help to solve this matter?
Here is my code.
%% Input data
NF = 3;
data = cell(1,NF);
for i = 1:NF
data{i} = dlmread(A);
% Identify year, month, day, hour, minute, second [Y,M,D,H,Mn,S]
Y = data{i}(1,1); M = data{i}(1,2); D = data{i}(1,3); H = data{i}(1,4); Mn = data{i}(1,5); S = data{i}(1,6);
dt = datetime(Y,M,D,H,Mn,S);
% Identify parameter after 2nd Row
Ts = seconds(data{i}(2:end,1)); lat = data{i}(2:end,2); lon = data{i}(2:end,3); sla = data{i}(2:end,4);
dt = datenum(dt + Ts);
date = datestr (dt);
Files = [cellstr(date) num2cell(lat) num2cell(lon) num2cell(sla)]
save(['testing' num2str(i) '.txt'],'Files')
It seems that the save function does not work.

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on 17 Jun 2019
Unless you have written your own function with the name save, the function will behave as documented. Have you read the documentation?

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