Isolating and running a piece of code separately from the rest

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So, I have a piece of simple code below. I want to isolate all the different groups relative to the measurements thus A relative to B such that I can run P in separate intervals because the code tends to drift after a certain amount of measurements.
A = (:,1:3) % measurements 1000 rows by 3 columns
B = (:,1) % Data groups 1000 rows showing were the groups start and finish
[ D, E ] = find( B == 0 ); % D when a group starts
F = D - 1; % F when a group finishes
P = unwrap(A)
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Guillaume on 21 Jul 2019
I want to isolate all the different groups
You haven't told us how a group is indicated. Possibly, from the code in the (invalid) code, a new group starts when B is 0 (so elements of a group are contiguous?).

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Guillaume on 21 Jul 2019
Edited: Guillaume on 21 Jul 2019
A complete guess, if you want to split A into groups that start when B is 0 and apply unwrap to each group:
group = cumsum(B == 0) + double(B(1) ~= 0); %add one if B(1) is not zero. group must be positive integer
P = splitapply(@(m) {unwrap(m)}, A, group);
P will be a Nx1 cell array where P{i} is the result of applying unwrap to the ith group of A.

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