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how showing a specific frame from video in axes (app designer)

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LEKHCHINE Somia on 28 Jul 2019
Commented: LEKHCHINE Somia on 28 Jul 2019
I try to show specific frame from video and show it in axes (app designer)
  • I import the video and play it in the first uiaxes
but I can't show the specific frame in the second uiaxes
I try to put the number of specific frame in EditField and show it in the second axes.


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LEKHCHINE Somia on 28 Jul 2019
thank you for responding, I tried and do it
I use matlab R2018b
If I encounter any other problem I will ask you
These are simple problems, but I want to insert the watermark in the image and also in audio
if you kow some ressource helps me how insert watermark in audio (video)
thank you

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