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running compiled function that uses mex in a client's OS using MCR does not work

Asked by Vinny
on 23 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Vinny
on 25 Aug 2019
I have Matlab 2018a for linux , on which I have compiled a function . that function uses vl_feat library (meaning mex library).
the problem :
when running the compiled function on a client's computer, I get an error that the mex function is not found.
the MCR is for matlab 2018a of course.
what I have tried :
  1. compile with adding the mex function manually
  2. install and compile vl_feat in client's computer
  3. running vl_setup during function's run
none worked.


Have you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH on target PC (see doc)?
Just wonder why do you add MEX manually? If you app calls the MEX file, the dependcy analyzer should detect and should be packed together, and the deployement engine should handle the unpacked and verify MEX the first time you lauch your compiled app.
I don't believe you are allowed to post-add any source file after it has been packed, for security reason.
I know , but the other way didn't work :\

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