How to enable datacursormode and zoom for only one axes in a figure?

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Luna le 28 Août 2019
Commenté : Luna le 28 Août 2019
Hello dear community,
I have question about the GUI I made programatically with OOP. I am not using GUIDE or AppDesigner.
I have different tabs in my GUI and I have different plots in each tab. I created 2 selection custom uicontextmenu. When user right clicks on the axis area, a menu opens and selections are "Enable Cursor" and "Enable Zoom". I created the callback for each case which creates the data cursor object or zoom object according to user selection.
The problem is this datacursor and zoom mode became active for other plots in the other tabs, too. I only want single one become active. The reason all become active is datacursormode and zoom functions gets the figure handle as an input. So the entire figure is affected.
Also another problem when I activated zoom, the custom uicontextmenu I have created disappeared, instead it is replaced with 'PostContextMenu' which is the rightClickAction property of the zoom object. I couldn't find a way to turn it back to my custom 2 options menu again.
Do you have any ideas for my 2 problems? Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks very much! :)
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Luna le 28 Août 2019
Modifié(e) : Luna le 28 Août 2019
Additionally, I tried set the UIContextMenu property of zoom object to replace default context menu of zoom with my custom uicontextmenu, it gave me the below error:
The 'UIContextMenu' property may be set only when zoom is not on.
How am I supposed to use zoom when I set Enable off?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 28 Août 2019
For your first question, call setAllowAxesZoom on the zoom mode object returned by the zoom function. See the "Zoom Mode Utility Functions" section on that documentation page. I don't believe the datacursormode object offers the same functionality, but that seems like a reasonable enhancement request to send to Technical Support using the telephone icon in the upper-right corner of this page.
For your second question, try setting the UIContextMenu property of the zoom mode object to your custom uicontextmenu when the RightClickAction is set to 'PostContextMenu', or turn Enable 'off' then set your UIContextMenu and turn Enable back 'on'.
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Luna le 28 Août 2019
Thanks Steven, I explored the same thing as you said while turning 'off' and 'on' playing around the zoom object. So first, turned off, then set the UIContextMenu to myNewUIContexMenu object, then turned the zoom on. It perfectly worked! Also setAllowAxesZoom worked the way I wanted. Now I can turn on zoom for specific axes I choose.
Unfortunately datacursormode object doesn't have similar utility functions like zoom object has. Maybe I could try to remove UIContextMenu for the other axes that I don't want user to click.

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