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when i try to launch PID Tuner App, i get the following errors:

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Boyd Munkombwe
Boyd Munkombwe on 3 Sep 2019
Error using DynamicSystem/getPIDTuningData (line 1060)
The PID tuning tools are not supported for plant models of type "zpk".
Error in pidtool.desktop.pidtuner.PIDTunerTC/setPIDTuningData (line 98)
this.PIDTuningData = getPIDTuningData(G,PID,Options);
Error in pidtool.desktop.pidtuner.PIDTunerTC/build (line 79)
Error in pidtool.desktop.pidtuner.PIDTunerTC (line 65);
Error in pidtool.desktop.PIDTuner (line 22)
this.TC = pidtool.desktop.pidtuner.PIDTunerTC(this.Parent.PlantList, desiredtype, baselinecontroller,
this.Parent.SimulinkGateway, this.Parent.Type);
Error in pidtool.PIDToolDesktop (line 74)
this.PIDTuner = pidtool.desktop.PIDTuner(this, desiredtype, baselinecontroller);
Error in pidtool (line 109)
Error in pidTuner (line 73)
///// Kindly help me understand what that means


David K.
David K. on 3 Sep 2019
Are you trying to launch it by just typing pidTuner or are you passing arguments? If you are passing arguments can you show what exactly doing when this happens?
Boyd Munkombwe
Boyd Munkombwe on 3 Sep 2019
@ David K.
i am trying to launch it from the APP section as shown the in screenshot attached below. even when i use AUTO TUNNING of PID, i dont get to see result of that. thank you.
David K.
David K. on 3 Sep 2019
Darn, in that case I probably cannot help much. But just for completeness, can you try launching with the command pidTuner if you have not?

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Siriniharika Katukam
Siriniharika Katukam on 20 Nov 2019
Please make sure that you do not have any other files named with those names in the error lines.


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