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How to extract data and use the curve fitting toolbox to do a regression analysis?

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If I have a dataset of (50 000 events) of magnitude that range between 2 to 7. So 50 000 events that can have values between 2 to 7. I want to plot a cumulative histogram or scatter plot and then perform a regression analysis on the data. Can someone please explain as to how I can extract the frequency of events (for the Y axis) and how I can use the curve fitting toolbox to do this.
I do not understand what the "Weights" section refers to in the curve fitting toolbox.


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Dheeraj Singh
Dheeraj Singh on 12 Sep 2019
For finding frequency of events you can use tabulate . You can then load the data using the curve fitting toolbox and then use Regression and other methods for curve fitting.
Weights are used for weighted fitting. For more on Weights and Data Selection refer to the following link:

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