Axes configuration such that two 3D figures axes are aligned

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My main I want to align the x-axis (blue line) with the z-axis of the complex shape seen in the figure.
Such that when the simulation is activated the hole configuration moves together.
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help!
Matlab Code:
% Set the axis for the plot
tp = theaterPlot('XLimit',[-4 4],'YLimit',[-4 4],'ZLimit',[-4 4]);
% name the plot and add the axis to the plot
op = orientationPlotter(tp,'DisplayName','Rotations');
% length of eulZYX example is 20!
for i=1:length(rotm)
figure %plotorientation take a rotation matrix, Euler angles
% or quaternions and outputs the orientation of the object
% (rotm: Rotation matrix), in
% this case we have a rotation matrix 3x3.
% Adding the additional shape into the orientation plot
hold on
IFS; % Made function that provides complex shape
hold off
drawnow % draw the figures
pause(0.5); % pause used to simulate animation

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