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What could be the possible solution to a situation in MATLAB where the coefficients values of polynomial are larger than 1e308?

Asked by Amit Kumar on 26 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by David Goodmanson on 27 Sep 2019
I am trying to obtain the poles and residues of a rational function using MATLAB, but the issue is that few of the coefficients in the numerator and denomenator polynomials exceed the value larger than the value that MATLAB can support (i.e. 1e308). As a result an error message comes as : "Input to ROOTS must not contain NaN or Inf."
May someone kindly suggest a possible way to come out of such a situation in MATLAB where the values of the coefficients exceed the largest value that MATLAB can support?

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Hi Amit,
could you provide an example of the kind of function you are considering? It's possible that a different approach could work if polynomial expansion is not strictly required.

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