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How can i generate 3 random points within a 2x2m grid?

Asked by Sohail Essajee on 13 Nov 2019
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on 13 Nov 2019
Hello, i need to generate 3 points that are at random positions within a square boundary which is of 2x2m. I want these 3 points (wires) to also have random current values. I tried doing x=rand(1,3)*2 and y=rand(1,3)*2 but i need the graph to have 0 at the center and go from 1 to -1 on each axis. how can i do this?


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1 Answer

Answer by ME
on 13 Nov 2019

I think you were on the right lines but you need to subtract one from your x and y:
That'll put all of your values in the range -1 to 1.


Thank you, I just managed to get the graph right by specifying the limits using the axis command. So when it plots, there will be three random points within the graph which will represent my wires. but, how will i get random current values for these points? The graph is just a square boundary, so none of the axis will hold current within them.
Apologies, I don't think I understand the question.
Can't you just generate another variable using rand as you did before. As previously, this will generate random numbers in the range 0-1 so you can always multiply these by whatever you want to get them in the correct range for your current.
If the question is more related to the plotting the you could use plot3 which would allow you to get your current as the value on the z-axis?

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