plotting sets of data for an nxn matrix, where each element of a matrix is an array

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Sumera Yamin
Sumera Yamin on 2 Dec 2019
Edited: Sumera Yamin on 3 Dec 2019
Hi, I have two sets of variables. (a1, a2, ….a10) and (b1, b2, ….b15). I am changing 1st set of variables (a’s from let’s say ± 10 % of original values to study its effects on the second set of variables. So for each value of a1 I will have a set of data for b1 up to b15. In the end I have data sets which correspond to a 10x15 matrix/table with each entry as an array. I want to plot and display this variation of data with respect to each other. What will be the best way to do so? I want to display it in the form of color map with coklor and size of the map corresponding to the variation of data. Thanks a lot for the help
Sumera Yamin
Sumera Yamin on 2 Dec 2019
Please see the attached figure for the type of data i have. Instead of showing each variation as line plot, i want to display it in terms of contours/color tabs with colour bar indicating the strength/percentage of variation or inother terms i want to determine correlation coefficients between the two sets of parameters and plot the strength of coefficients with the colour indicating the strength.

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