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Drop-down icon in matlab app designer

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Abdelrahman Taha
Abdelrahman Taha le 27 Déc 2019
I am new to matlab app deisigner and I am trying to make my first app using it. The problem I am facing now is when trying to put two drop-down icons adjacent to each other, one of them works while the other doesn't although I've made both "editable". So, why would that happen? given that I don't get the same thing when putting them on top of each other.

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Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery le 30 Déc 2019
The position of drop-down menus does not affect its functionality. I understand you would like to add two drop-down menus adjacent to each other.
You could drag and drop the Drop-down menu and can edit the component browser on the right panel to edit the options displayed under the drop-down menus.
I have attached a sample drop-down menu created using appdesigner.
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Abdelrahman Taha
Abdelrahman Taha le 3 Jan 2020
Thanks for your answer. That was really helpful.

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