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Eliminate tables with more than 15% NaN data

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Behzad Navidi
Behzad Navidi on 18 Jan 2020
Commented: Behzad Navidi on 18 Jan 2020
Hey all,
I have C.mat which has 125 tables. I want to remove tables if any of tmax_m or tmin_m or rrr24 or tmin_m columns have more than 15% NaN cells.
C.mat is attached.
Thank you all


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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 18 Jan 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 18 Jan 2020
This cellfun is a bit obnoxious but it produces an output select that is a logical vector the same size as C where true values identify cells that will be eliminated due to having at least 1 column listed in cols that has more than maxNaN percent NaN values.
cols ={'tmax_m', 'in_m' 'rrr24' 'tmin_m'};
maxNan = 0.15;
select = cellfun(@(T)any(mean(isnan(T{:,ismember(T.Properties.VariableNames,cols)}),1) > maxNan), C);
C(select) = []; % eliminate selected cells

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Behzad Navidi
Behzad Navidi on 18 Jan 2020
Both codes are accurate, I found this one more understandable for me. Thank you very much, Walter Roberson and Adam Danz

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jan 2020
filetables = load('C.mat');
numtables = numel(filetables);
tablenames = fieldnames(filetables);
droptable = false(1, numtables);
for K = 1 : numtables
thistablename = tablenames{K};
thistable = filetables.(thistablename);
if mean(isnan(thistable.tmax_m)) > 0.15 || ...
mean(isnan(thistable.tmin_m)) > 0.15 || ...
mean(isnan(thistable.rrr24)) > 0.15
droptable(K) = true;
tables_to_drop = tablenames(droptable);
filetables = rmfield(filetables, tables_to_drop);
save('C_filtered.mat', '-struct', 'filetables');


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