Problem attaching area text to segments and finding correct x crossing points

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Hello everyone.
I have two problems.
1) I cannot attached the text presenting the segment areas to the peaks and troughs
2) Area the patch is not being applied properly to the intercept points on rows 2 and 3, so there is "bleeding" of patch across the XC points for lack of a better term.
I have tried to solve this myself the last few days but cannot find the answers. Attached is the fuil code that creates the elements for the graphs and some sample data. The image is what is doing with the area text knocked out. Also, the test data has had to be condense slightly more to fit on, so it will not be exactly be like the image. The other figure attached is how to would like the text above the peak and troughs of the segments.
Could someone take a fresh look at this please?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 31 Jan 2020
... so there is "bleeding" of patch across the XC points ...
Use linspace and interp1 to create values with a greater precision (shorter segment lengths) in the respective vectors.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Feb 2020
My intent is that you increase the third argument to linspace to whatever is necessary increase the resolution of that vector and the interpolated vector to satisfy the requirements.

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