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Simulink library takes more time to open -2016B

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Jose Pillai
Jose Pillai on 7 Feb 2020
Answered: stozaki on 9 Feb 2020
Hello ,
I am using 2016-B due to business needs.
Here when I load Simulink library it makes more than 3 min to load the library window/ sometime MATLAB crashed and closed.. Actually our IT installs all the libs which are used across the business. But I am only using just fews.
Is there anyway to load my preferred /custom libraries alone into the system? I hope this will reduce the memory footprint size as well.

Accepted Answer

stozaki on 9 Feb 2020
You can customize simulink library browser. I attached example script. You can limit the ToolBoxes displayed in the library browser.
If you use this script,
  1. Add files to the MATLAB search path. (addpath, genpath)
  2. Execute following command (sl_refresh_customizations)

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