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rotate polygon in geographic axes

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Mike D.
Mike D. on 21 Feb 2020
Answered: Pujitha Narra on 24 Feb 2020
I have a n-sided polygon with vertices as (lat,lon) coordinates. I plot this on a geographic axes. I want to rotate it and end up with a new rotated set of (lat,lon) coordinates. I don't want a filled polygon, but perhaps I could adjust the transparency if that's the only way (such as patch). Here is what I tried, but not sure it works accurately due to the oblate earth surface. I prefer not to use Mapping Toolbox, but just core Matlab.
polyin = polyshape([lat',lon']);
refPoint = [refLat, refLon];
polyout = rotate(polyin, angleDeg, refPoint);
lat = [polyout.Vertices(:,1); polyout.Vertices(1,1)];
lon = [polyout.Vertices(:,2); polyout.Vertices(1,2)];

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Pujitha Narra
Pujitha Narra on 24 Feb 2020
Hi Mike,
A rotation matrix might be of use to you. You can have a look at this:




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