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need a code for a slider that can show different images for a volume of dicom images

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clara le 28 Fév 2020
hi, i'm creating a GUI. i have a folder of images (X x Y x Z) showed in an axes (axes1). Now i need a slider for display the image (on the z axis) once at time in the axes1.
please answer me, thanks
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clara le 1 Mar 2020
I’m using the guide. I’ve already loaded and showed the first image on the axes1 With a button. Now I need a slider to display the other images
clara le 1 Mar 2020
How can I use the volume viewer ? I need a slider

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Guillaume le 1 Mar 2020
How can I use the volume viewer ? I need a slider
I don't think you can integrate in your own GUI, it's already a GUI on its own, so if that's what you're after it's not going to help. But if you just want to visualise slices of a 3D volume, the volume viewer has got you covered. It has sliders built-in to show individual slices in all 3 axes.
You'd start the volume viewer with:
or in the App Tab, select the Volume Viewer app.


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