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identifying the critical points of a bivariate function

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ektor on 9 Mar 2020
Edited: ektor on 9 Mar 2020
Dear all,
I have this function below and I plotted it in a 3D space. Is it possible to mark the critical points on the graph so as to be visible to the reader? Similarly for the max or min value of the function?
syms x y
f = 4*x.^2+3*y.^2 ;
fx = diff(f,x);
fy = diff(f,y);
[xc,yc] = solve(fx,fy,x,y); [xc,yc];
fxx = diff(fx,x); fxy = diff(fx,y); fyy = diff(fy,y);
D = fxx*fyy - fxy^2;
figure(1); ezsurf(f,[-10,50,-10,50]);


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