Do I need anything more than a db file and the Database Toolbox to access a Sybase database?

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KAE on 16 Mar 2020
Edited: KAE on 20 Mar 2020
I have been given two files MyDatabase.db and MyDatabase.log file by a coworker, who said they are a Sybase database. To access the database, I downloaded a trial of the Database Toolbox R2019b, but am having trouble configuring the data source or connecting using the Database Explorer app. Do I need to install any Sybase software on my machine, or should I be able to access MyDatabase directly from the Database Toolbox? I am ignorant enough that I could be missing something basic.
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KAE on 16 Mar 2020
I have installed Sybase software and can use it to connect to the database. In Matlab, I think I need the 32-bit version of the Database Toolbox so will have to figure if I also need 32-bit Matlab to run it (I am using 64-bit R2019b). If that fixes the connection issues, I will update.

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