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Varying Font Size Within individual words

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Ben Korman
Ben Korman on 6 Apr 2020
Commented: Ben Korman on 9 Apr 2020
I need to produce the symbol "FA/FI" on the y-axis label with the "A" and the "I" in a font 3 sizes smaller than each "F". I do not want to use subscripts. In Microsoft Word, one achieves this by clicking on an icon on the toolbox. How does one do it in Matlab?


Ben Korman
Ben Korman on 9 Apr 2020
After a bit of fiddling, this technique worked well.
Thanks dpb!
dpb on 9 Apr 2020
No noted, such a similar question so soon had me thinking along those lines already.
If solved the problem, why not "Accept" the Answer to indicate a solution found?
Wouldn't hurt to post the actual function/technique you found useful in the end as well.
Ben Korman
Ben Korman on 9 Apr 2020
The code I finally used is as follows. It allows the symbol in question to be added to a general description on the y-axis label:
fmt = '\\fontsize{%d} %s'; %format string for piece
fnLbl = @(FS,S) {[sprintf(fmt,FS,S(1)) sprintf(fmt,FS,S(2)) sprintf(FS-3,S(3)) sprintf(fmt,FS,'/') sprintf(fmt,FS,S(4)) sprintf(fmt,FS-3,S(5)) sprintf(fmt,FS,S(6))]};
lbl = fnLbl(12,'(FAFI)'); % Specifies fontsize and string to be processed
str = ['Fraction of Inspired Concentration', lbl];
newstr= join(str);
This produces a label on the y-axis consisting of a description "Fraction of Inspired Concentration" followed by a space, followed by the appropriate symbol.

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Accepted Answer

dpb on 6 Apr 2020
Amazing how the same or similar queries seem to come in bunches...
hAx.XTickLabel(3)={'\color{red}\fontsize{8}\bf 3'};
did one tick value for the OP there. Just string together the two pieces you need. Write a simple function to produce the desired string passed the text and sizes if doing it for more than just one or two specific cases.
fmt='\\fontsize{%d} %s'; % format string for piece
>> [sprintf(fmt,8,'F',5,'A') '/' sprintf(fmt,8,'F',5,'I')]
ans =
'\fontsize{8} F\fontsize{5} A/\fontsize{8} F\fontsize{5} I'
or, more directly to use passed string, size--
fnLbl=@(FS,S) {[sprintf(fmt,FS,S(1)) sprintf(fmt,FS-3,S(2)) sprintf(fmt,FS,'/') sprintf(fmt,FS,S(3)) sprintf(fmt,FS-3,S(4))]};
>> lbl=fnLbl(8,'FAFI')
lbl =
1×1 cell array
{'\fontsize{8} F\fontsize{5} A\fontsize{8} /\fontsize{8} F\fontsize{5} I'}
>> hAx.XTickLabel(4)=lbl;
produced the desired string. More logic in a function could make it somewhat simpler.
But, MATLAB handle graphics aren't a word processor and there's no fancy GUI to mung on stuff inside the tick labels array. Guess one could write one.
NB: Above w/ default 'TeX' interpreter as per the link...


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